Voting help


Need help with voting? Contact us or drop into your local library or Neighbourhood House for assistance.

You can also visit us at an upcoming help desk drop-in session for assistance setting up your account or using our website.

How to vote video

This instructional video provides a step-by-step guide to voting in Pick My Project, a Victorian-first community grants initiative. This includes setting your local community, browsing project ideas, creating your shortlist, and finalising your vote.

How do I find a specific project? 

Click on the Search button in the top-right hand corner and start typing the project name. 

How do I share a project?

Look for the Spread the Word section on the bottom-right corner of the project page. The first button shares your page to Facebook. The second button displays your direct project webpage link. You can copy this link and then paste into emails or other social media sites.

I don’t have an email or mobile number, how do I vote?

All you have to do is call us on 1800 797 818 and our team will help you create an account and complete your vote.  

Make sure you’ve selected your local community and picked your three favourite projects in that local community before you call us, as we’ll need this to be able to help you. You can do this by browsing projects on this website.

For Victorians who have an email address but no mobile number, you can create your account, shortlist your projects, and then call us when you’ve picked your three favourites and are ready to submit your vote so that we can complete the verification for you.

When will voting open?

Voting is scheduled to open at 9am on Monday 13 August 2018 and will close at 5pm, on Monday 17 September 2018.

Who can vote?

To vote, you’ll need to:

  • Be a Victorian resident
  • Be aged 16 and over 
  • Register for account on the Pick My Project website. 

What is the voting process?

Once you’ve registered, you’ll have three votes to allocate to project ideas you’d like to see funded in your local community. You can select your community by searching for your street address, locality or dropping a pin on the map. 

In metropolitan areas, you’ll be able to choose from project ideas located within 5km of your community.

In regional partnership areas, you will be able to choose from project ideas located within 50km of your community. Find out more about the partnership regions. 

Everyone will be able to choose from a minimum of 30 projects. If there are less than 30 projects within 5km in the metropolitan areas or 50km in the regional partnership areas then the voting area will expand until you can see the closest 30 projects. 

Projects closest to you will be displayed first. 

What area can I vote in?

Pick My Project is about Victorians deciding how to make their local communities an even better place to live. To help meet this objective, voting is not state-wide. You need to live or be connected to the local community in which you vote.

You’ll be able to shortlist up to six project ideas in your local community before you vote on your favourite three. If you change or update your selected local community, you’ll lose your shortlist. 

If there are other projects outside of your local community that you think deserve funding, speak to your connections who live nearby to get involved and vote!

How will voting be verified?

All Victorian residents will need to create an account in order to submit their votes for Pick My Project. The following information will be collected for verification purposes to ensure that real Victorians are only submitting three project votes:

  1. An active email address – a verification link will be sent to this email.
  2. A mobile phone number – an SMS code will be sent to verify the number. 
  3. Street address and postcode – this information will be used to verify that voters are located in Victoria. 

What support will be available to help Victorians take part and submit their votes?

Voting in Pick My Project can only be conducted online. In order to support Victorians that need assistance with the online process, the project team will: 

  • Undertake face-to-face workshops across Victoria to demonstrate the voting process. Dates and locations will be published soon. 
  • Equip library and Neighbourhood House staff across the state to support community members with voting.
  • Provide a step-by-step voting instructional video.
  • Provide phone, email and social media support through a dedicated contact centre. The Pick My Project contact centre will be able to support voting for Victorians without access to a mobile phone. 

How will the funding be distributed?

The $30 million grant funding has been divided equally between the Government’s Metropolitan and Regional Partnership areas - $15 million for metropolitan areas and $15 million for regional partnership areas.

Funding has then been divided by the population of each partnership area, with a minimum of $1 million per area. 

To ensure a range of small and large communities have the opportunity to be part of Pick My Project, no more than 50 per cent of an area’s funding can be awarded to one local government area. 

Other ways we are helping to make sure funding is fairly distributed include: 

  • Where the budget allocation for a region has almost been exhausted but there's still enough to fund 90 per cent of the next highest voted project in the partnership area, the project will receive 100 per cent funding. 

When will winning projects be announced?

Winning projects will be announced in the weeks following the close of voting.

Following the announcement of winning projects, all project votes will be made public.


More information about voting is available in the Frequently Asked Questions