Western urabn rivers  network

Western Urban Rivers Network

To connect communities working to protect and restore our rivers.

Project details

Suggested by: Helen

Project partner: Environmental Justice Australia



Across the west communities are coming together and working to protect and restore their local rivers, creeks and wetlands. Our project will build on and deepen networks connecting these passionate local communities and advocate for new laws that revive our waterways and suburbs. The Western Urban Rivers Network will bring people together face-to-face and online, it will train volunteers and create shared resources. This network will structure and formalise community ‘voices’ for the rivers and creeks of the west, contributing to protection and restoration of these key local assets and embedding supports to this community advocacy.

The rivers and waterways of Melbourne’s west are well loved major natural and community assets. These places are facing considerable urban and development pressures. There are plans and strategies for their protections and restoration but without community-based organisations coming together to stand up and care for these places they will continue to be compromised. Newer communities in the west will not learn about them. Plans and strategies will be not be effective. This project will build on existing momentum from the ‘rivers of the west’ network, strengthening links between groups and building up skills and space for advocacy and community

Project details

Suggested by: Helen

Project partner: Environmental Justice Australia




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05 Sep 2018

An amazing Project idea, with a group of dedicated volunteers.
May they have as much success with this project as they have with other projects.
A haven for local flora and fauna!


02 Sep 2018

A very special place for me that I want to keep beautiful


27 Aug 2018

Fantastic project, with dedicated and passionate volunteers. Results over the years have been remarkable, may it continue with much needed financial support.

bank with creek bank

26 Aug 2018

Great project, so many benefits


24 Aug 2018

Water is life nothing lives without it - great idea to make a waterway network.


23 Aug 2018

Creeks in the West are important corridors for native plants and animals. We need to protect them.

Gino Potenza

22 Aug 2018

Water is Life.


22 Aug 2018

Terrific idea. The revitalisation of Merri Creek shows that we CAN regenerate natural beauty. Kororoit Creek has some wonderful areas that could become stunning if given care and attention.

Ben Hedditch

21 Aug 2018

Stoney Creek in Sunshine needs urgent cleaning, revegetation and litter traps

Eva Clothier

16 Aug 2018

Such an important project. Clean waterways in the West are vital.


16 Aug 2018

Steele Creek needs all the help it can get.


16 Aug 2018

Happy to support this project ...a much-needed one when our rivers, creeks, oceans are currently under such enormous pressure.

David Widdowson

14 Aug 2018

I’m assuming that includes the Moonee Ponds Creek?


13 Aug 2018

I'd love to vote for this project, it's a great idea, but not in my region.

Project Owner


13 Aug 2018

Great idea our creeks and rivers need LOTS of help. They provide habitat for our local wild life and are great places to walk and ride beside.