Mpas inclusive observatory

Inclusive Telescope Dome

Install an observatory and equipment suitable for wheelchair access.

Project details

Suggested by: David

Project partner: Mornington Peninsula Astronomical Society



Our aim is to install an Australian made Sirius dome with a wide door to enable wheelchair access to a fixed telescope. The telescope will be mounted on an electric lift pier that can be adjusted to suit the observers viewing height. The observatory will have all services under-floor leaving a clear path to move about the building to reach any position unaided. The observatory will also assist with our school, cubs, scout and public education programs. The ability to offer wheelchair access telescopes on our monthly public viewing nights would be invaluable to the community at large.

There are no observatories in Melbourne that can accommodate wheelchair access to the eyepiece of a telescope. This project will now enable mobility impaired school and research students the ability to access the night sky first hand, which is required for most astrophysics and space research syllabuses. With the recent emergence of Space Australia, increased demand for this type of educational equipment is anticipated.

MPAS has been educating the community for nearly 50 years in space & astronomy and this project will enhance our inclusive program to our regular school, scout and public visitors.

Project details

Suggested by: David

Project partner: Mornington Peninsula Astronomical Society




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17 Sep 2018

There are so many positive benefits I hope this happens good luck :)


08 Sep 2018

Great idea, good luck MPAS


08 Sep 2018

I have family members who would love to able to be involved with astrometry but the fact that they are in a wheelchair stops any thought of being involved


08 Sep 2018

Good luck MPAS!


01 Sep 2018

fantastic idea, I hope you get the grant. Look forward to seeing it built. MPAS are a great community based organisation.


27 Aug 2018

Best of luck.


25 Aug 2018

Fantastic project!


21 Aug 2018

Wishing M.P.A.S. all the very best for this thoughtful project. Kayela L.


21 Aug 2018

Without doubt, the best project for this region


20 Aug 2018

This would be a great addition for the Mornington Peninsula schools as well as the general public and bring visitors into the area too


18 Aug 2018

An absolute necessity for our region, to help bring the joys of star gazing accessible to all.


17 Aug 2018

Great project, much needed


13 Aug 2018

This project covers the entire SE Melbourne/Mornington Peninsula Region and will be a drawcard to the Briars Parkland for everyone.