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Greythorn Primary School grounds redevelopment

Creating an inviting recreational space for students and the community.

Project details

Suggested by: Karol

Project partner: Greythorn Primary School



Since being built in the 1950’s, Greythorn Primary School has received minimal funding to upgrade outdoor sporting spaces. Subsequently, the grounds are now in a desperate state of disrepair and not conducive to the outdoor needs of young children.
Our idea is to repurpose a currently hazardous and unappealing oval into a purpose built sports pitch with artificial turf that would be used for play, P.E. and other community activities.
Responding to student engagement surveys, this project also aims to provide an appealing space for the students to play, fostering a core school value - pride.

With the rapid urbanisation of this area and multi-dwelling property development reducing yard sizes, the open space of a school yard serves as the 'backyard' for many families.
Upgrading the grounds will in turn create an ideal recreational space for: young families to enjoy quality time together outdoors (in line with this region's priority to promote healthy living) while fostering a sense of community and belonging; after school providers to deliver much sought out after-school and school holiday programs for working parents. Populating the grounds during non-school hours will also act as a deterrent to potential vandalism.

Project details

Suggested by: Karol

Project partner: Greythorn Primary School




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16 Sep 2018

Greythorn Primary school ground is badly in need for an upgrade. Please upgrade the school ground, it’s for our kids future.


16 Sep 2018

It is vital that this outdoor space is upgraded and can provide play and sporting space for this school community .I have seen a youngsters in tears from falling and having gravel embedded in their knees . This project is so important as we want to stop the obesity crises and encourage our student s to move .


14 Sep 2018

My granddaughter Ava attends this school. I am very impressed with the teaching staff and culture. I am happy to support any program to help the school obtain upgraded equipment for both inside and outside the classroom.


13 Sep 2018

Great school but facilities are pretty run down. To improve the sport ground condition is the priority for the kids to have proper areas for the outdoor sports activities. Please strongly support.


12 Sep 2018

A very worthy cause! Support our schools!


11 Sep 2018

Please support the school to improve the sporting pitch to help keep kids active and enthusiastic about sports!


10 Sep 2018

In the age of technology, kids are getting less time playing outdoor or participating in group activities. A good playground enables safer and more conducive outdoor activities - that would make us more human, i.e. to connect and interact more in person. This is the generation that we look forward to taking over the baton - a generation that cares, connects, and interact.


10 Sep 2018

A school plays a significant role in bringing out the best of the future talents, be it in academic, music and/or sports. Therefore it is important to maximize the role of a school. Playground is part of the role which gives the young ones to develop their physical capability and a strong healthy body will enhance their learning academically. The refurbishing of the oval will allow the school to do so much for the young ones and a successful young ones will contribute a lot to the community and what more, the country eventually.


06 Sep 2018

A great initiative for the Greythorn community and surrounds. The value of green spaces cannot be underestimated!


06 Sep 2018

Please upgrade the school ground, it’s for our kids future.


05 Sep 2018

School ground deserves an upgrade. Please vote for Greythorn Primary.

Greythorn parent

05 Sep 2018

Grounds are not safe. Children getting injured playing. Needs much work desperately.


05 Sep 2018

If we don’t get repairs and upgrades soon, our school will be left behind by the surrounding bigger and higher funded neighbouring schools. Let’s keep Working Together, to keep Greythorn Great


04 Sep 2018

Great school and valuable staff.
Yes it needs some upgrades.
As i thought the thing is working perfectly that doesn't mean it can't be upgraded.
And the school located at very beautiful area.
It must be upgraded.

Sarah H

03 Sep 2018

Great school with great kids who are all very active. An updated sports field would benefit the school so much!


03 Sep 2018

The outdoor space at Greythorn Primary is well overdue for an upgrade - please support this project.


03 Sep 2018

Great school and teaching staff at Greythorn. However facility is very run down, definately deserve upgrading for the benefit of current and future students.


02 Sep 2018

the area needs to upgrading for sure

Tony P

01 Sep 2018

The area desperately needs upgrading.


31 Aug 2018

Due to the government incentive Greythorn lost their only playing field to a stadium. The area in question for upgrade needs to be resurfaced and re-established as a sports field to enable students to safely play ball sports, such as football, softball, Tball and soccer.

Nat Millar

31 Aug 2018

This upgrade is desperately needed. Our kids play on this area every day and it worries me as the grounds have been deteriorating over the years and are not safe. No money has been invested in this space for over a decade. By investing in this space, it will then be safe for the current students, local community and young ones in the future. By revamping this area, the space won’t be wasted, it will be better utilised and will encourage children to play and be active.

Millar clan

30 Aug 2018

Absolutely needed play area for a growing number of students at Greythorn Primary. Not only will this upgraded space help to address the obesity epidemic, but it will enhance the mental health and social relationships of the students. It is a critical project for the community.


30 Aug 2018

The school is amazing , serving the vast communities in Balywn North and Balywn. The school definitely deserve the grant and more.

30 Aug 2018

the school is very run down and needs the facilities improved to create a better learning environment


28 Aug 2018

Great school. Need to improve the facilities for the new generation.