Recycled cd tree at caulfield ps

Community Recycling Hub at Caulfield Primary School

Recycling and composting facilities for community use at our school

Project details

Suggested by: Julian

Project partner: Caulfield Primary School



Reducing waste generated and sent to landfill reduces costs and the impact on our environment. Our Community Recycling Hub will enable secure collection and re-purposing of items that cannot be recycled in kerbside systems, e.g. batteries, CDs, light globes and soft plastics. Ongoing collection is provided for 3 years. Upgraded composting facilities and an education program for volunteers of all ages and cultures to use and maintain the systems will ensure better connection of the school to local groups and businesses within our community. The project will be launched at our "zero waste" Caulfield Primary School Fete in March 2019.

Our recycling and composting hub will create an accessible community space within our school to transfer reusable and recyclable items that are unable to collected in kerbside systems. Engaging local volunteers of all ages to co-design the space, learn new skills and maintain the school facility will increase cooperation and build social connectedness. Connecting more of the local community to the school space will enable better use of the facility and improve maintenance in school holiday periods. A local movement to reduce landfill and harvest resources will tangibly demonstrate how to reduce impact on our environment to the wider community.

Project details

Suggested by: Julian

Project partner: Caulfield Primary School




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17 Sep 2018

An initiative I can absolutely get behind.


14 Sep 2018

Great project for the school!


14 Sep 2018

Great environmental project!


14 Sep 2018

great initiative

CPS parent

13 Sep 2018

Progressive and inclusive school teaching grass roots recycling.


13 Sep 2018

A great project for the school and community!


13 Sep 2018

A great initiative to teach and influence the children at an early age. A cause and project absolutely worth supporting


12 Sep 2018

Good project to get involved with!

Lottie Skelton's family

12 Sep 2018

Great gardening opportunity for the children and local community!


10 Sep 2018

Wonderful project for the children of tomorrow - reduce, reuse, recycle ♻️


10 Sep 2018

This is a fantastic opportunity for children to learn about how to make our globe sustainable and how to work for our next generations.


10 Sep 2018

THis is a great project, and a great local school. We need the next generations to be more aware, and more proactive about environmental issues, and this is the way to go about it.


08 Sep 2018

Great idea for the school and local community.


07 Sep 2018

Awesome project congratulations to those who put this together. We need more initiatives like this


05 Sep 2018

Best project I had seen in awhile.


05 Sep 2018

Wonderful project


02 Sep 2018

Excellent idea. Great way to teach the kids about the importance of this!!


20 Aug 2018

Great idea. Very proactive local school


19 Aug 2018

Great idea. There should be a number if these in every suburb.


16 Aug 2018

A wonderful idea for the school and wider community.