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Community radio accessibility project

Improve and update the accessibility of our station

Project details

Suggested by: Kerri-Lee

Project partner: 3CR Community Radio



3CR Community Radio is my local radio station, and each week I present Blaknoise Radio, a show about arts, culture and politics from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. I'm one of nearly 400 volunteers who access the station each week. Our station desperately needs to be more made accessible. As someone on a disability pension, sometimes it's a challenge to move around the building and access everything I need to. The station needs up-to-date handrails, doors, ramps, taps and other things so that existing volunteers, new recruits and our wonderful guests can access the station more easily and safely.

3CR has been in my local community for more than 40 years. It provides great broadcast training, resourcing and support for me and so many other people to have an independent, uncensored community voice. With improved facilities our station will increase the community's ability to access the airwaves. For existing volunteers like me this will make a vast difference, as I'll be able to move through the station with ease. It will also increase the possibility of more people with disabilities having a voice in the media, and confidence through communication. These are basic needs to enable equitable access.

Project details

Suggested by: Kerri-Lee

Project partner: 3CR Community Radio




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17 Sep 2018

3CR rocks!


17 Sep 2018

Access to such a community resource as 3CR should be available to all


17 Sep 2018

3CR is a great radio station that deserves wider coverage as their topics are extremely interesting and important for everyone to hear!

13 Sep 2018

3CR single-handedly gives voice to the greatest diversity of our culture. We need to support them to continue their great work and inclusivity of all walks/or rolls of life. A most deserving unit!


12 Sep 2018

3CR rocks as a radio station which walks the talk of inclusion! I totally support their application to make their premises more accessible. As a wheelchair-using artist, I have often been on air with the wonderful Liz Wright, talking all things access. This will make it easier!


08 Sep 2018

I did a show at 3CR 20 yrs ago and the decor doesn't look like it's changed much? 3CR is public access radio, that means easy access for everyone. This initiative gets my vote!!


07 Sep 2018

Considering 20 of the Aussie population have disability issues, this is definitely required.


06 Sep 2018

3CR is an independent champion!

Maja G

05 Sep 2018

Seriously great idea! 3CR is the best! Access for all!

Anne in Northcote

05 Sep 2018

The rich diversity offering of 3CR is enormously valuable; a Melbourne gem. It must be supported.

Arch Lea

05 Sep 2018

3CR is a true independent voice and vital to our communities

Kevin S

05 Sep 2018

I support this project.


01 Sep 2018

Best idea - ever!


23 Aug 2018

Support community radio!! 3CR does incredible work :)


23 Aug 2018

This space really needs some important accessibility features to make it safer and easier to move around for all users of all abilities, especially volunteers, the backbone of the station.


22 Aug 2018

I support community radio!


18 Aug 2018

Go 3CR!!


17 Aug 2018

Let’s go!

16 Aug 2018

Long overdue


16 Aug 2018

3CR is the way to go, such a great initiative and I pray it gets the funding it deserves


16 Aug 2018

This would be a great initiative. Hope it gets done.


15 Aug 2018

3CR. So important in giving voice to the voiceless. If only those voices could access the facility!!!

Sam Sowerwine

15 Aug 2018

Yes yes yes! 3CR is such an amazing community resource, and needs to be made more easily accessible to all programmers...

Will M

15 Aug 2018

3CR gives so much to the community. This just makes good sense!

Jo Curtin

15 Aug 2018

This is so important!