The Western Metropolitan Region has a diverse and growing population, who reside in established middle and inner suburbs, and a significant share of Melbourne’s growth areas. The region has a population of over 807,000, or about 19% of Melbourne’s total population.

The Western Metropolitan Partnership is made up of the following local government areas:

Following engagement with its community throughout 2017, the Western Metropolitan Partnership has developed its advice to the Victorian Government on the regional priorities for the Western Metropolitan Region.

The Western Partnership's advice for 2017 included:

  • Jobs and Skills: A more diverse and sustainable offering of local jobs and opportunities
  • Transport: Improve connectivity and access to employment, education, services and recreational activities
  • Reduce Entrenched Disadvantage: Improve targeted health and education interventions for children and disadvantaged groups
  • Connected Communities: Embrace cultural, social and economic diversity
  • A Greener Region: Increase the greening of the west to create more liveable suburbs
  • Waste and Recycling Centre of Excellence: Well-planned suburbs and improved waste management

You can find out more about the Western Metropolitan Partnership’s priorities here.