Ovens Murray

The Ovens Murray Regional Partnership borders the Murray River to the north. With unique access to Victoria's high country, the region is best known for its lifestyle advantages and thriving tourism sector based on cycling, snow, nature-based tourism, food, wine, craft beer and cultural heritage. The region is also strategically located on national freight and transport routes servicing Australia’s east coast and has a number of strong manufacturing and service centres.

The Ovens Murray Regional Partnership includes the local government areas of:

Following engagement with its community throughout 2017, the Ovens Murray Regional Partnership has developed its advice to the Victorian Government on its regional priorities.

  • The Ovens Murray Regional Partnership’s advice for 2017 included:
  • Education and Skills: Improve access to lifelong learning opportunities and create innovative learning pathways that support skills development now and into the future.
  • Transport: Improve transport connectivity so that it becomes an effective enabler for the region's communities, industries and service providers, with a particular focus on passenger rail improvements on the North East line.
  • Digital Innovation and Inclusion: Become a 'Smart Region' that connects people, attracts talent, encourages innovation and creates jobs and growth for the 21st century.
  • Economic Growth: Create a prosperous and sustainable regional economy by growing and expanding the region's key and emerging economic sectors – agriculture, tourism, manufacturing and transport, distribution and logistics.
  • Climate Change and Renewable Energy: Support climate change adaptation, increase the region's focus on renewable energy, support innovative community based energy initiatives and better protect the natural environment.
  • Local Amenity and Infrastructure: Improve the liveability, prosperity and resilience of communities; provide better local amenities for residents and visitors to the region; and invest in infrastructure that supports development of the regional economy.
  • Health and Wellbeing: Strengthen community health and wellbeing, particularly for disadvantaged communities and vulnerable families and reduce the impact of family violence through access to integrated mental health services and resilience building programs; integrated service delivery models; and place-based initiatives, including public housing urban renewal.

You can find out more about the Ovens Murray Regional Partnership’s priorities here.