Bordering the Murray River, the Mallee Region extends to the edge of the outback in far north-western Victoria. Agriculture – broadacre cropping and irrigated – drives the Mallee’s economy, with the area surrounding Mildura, Robinvale and Swan Hill among Victoria’s most productive horticultural region. The region is a culturally diverse area, with strong indigenous heritage and a large Aboriginal population, and a growing number of skilled migrants and people holding humanitarian visas. The Murray River runs along the northern border of the region and provides access to irrigation water. It also lures tourists and people seeking a lifestyle change.

The Mallee Regional Partnership includes the local government areas of:

Following engagement with its community throughout 2017, the Mallee Regional Partnership has developed its advice to the Victorian Government on its regional priorities.

The Mallee Regional Partnership’s advice for 2017 included:

  • Access to Services:
    • Ensure that the needs of rural communities are addressed in emerging policies
    • Promote collaboration between government, community and business to address cross-border issues
    • Provide access to funding for priority projects which will enhance community vitality and viability
    • Improve support for place-based community development models across Government cycles
  • Connectivity:
    • Prioritise rail infrastructure investments which will improve service frequency and network capacity
    • Understand demand for sustained and improved public and community transport services, particularly in those areas that are poorly serviced
  • Economy:
    • Foster the right conditions for new, high value job creation in the Mallee by supporting research, development and training geared to the needs of key sectors
    • Encourage business growth and diversification to strengthen the resilience of the regional economy
  • Liveability:
    • Develop tourism products and a cohesive regional ‘brand identity’ to grow the visitor economy
    • Improve access to arts and cultural activities and facilities
    • Enable the region to explore its potential to act as a leader in the development and roll out of renewable energy
    • Invest in the community infrastructure of the region to support healthy and active lifestyles
  • Social Fabric:
    • Improve regional and rural childcare services to support balanced life/work choices
    • Ensure that regional health services and facilities meet community needs
    • Provide services tailored to meet the needs of Aboriginal communities

You can find out more about the Mallee Regional Partnership’s priorities here.